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Quality Control and Training Knowledges of Forged Fittings

Time:12/19/2016 8:20:07 PM

HQ Pipeline produces forged steel flanges and forged steel fittings since we established. And it is not easty for us to develop our forging workshop  from two or three equipments to today such a big scale, currently forging workshop has forging equipments about 10 sets, cold extrusion equipments about four sets, surface processing equipments about four sets, hot processing equipments about three sets, and there are rough identifies equipment, water cycle cooling system, gas system and so on.


Our production capacity also improves with the increasion of equipments. Also with the development of our company, we have a more higher quality requirements of our products. And this also requires our each Operators of technology has a corresponding promotion.There are articals like Carefully inspected forged steel pipe fittings ready for shipment, our mangers are also very concerned  about our productions' quality. It is necessary for our staffers to learn, research, improve together, so the quality of our products can be improved gradually. Let the pipeline of HQ Pipeline have a high evaluation in marketand and be more competitive.


HQ Pipeline provides Slip-On forged steel flange, Welding Neck forged steel flange, Blindforged steel flange and Plateforged steel flanges etc, and forged steel fittings like Elbow forges fittings, cross forges fittings, strepipe nipple etc. Our quality and price are competitive in the market. So if you need them, please email us: sales@hqpipeline.com.








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